In 2018, OCFS introduced a second yearly Enduro race to the schedule with the Orange Crush: Spring Smashtacular, now, 2021 will introduce a third! In an effort to highlight OCFS’s long history of “full-fendered” stock car racing, 2019 saw the introduction of a sort of second Nostalgia Night in their honor. The event was also chosen for the Marky Traverse Street Stock Memorial, usually OCFS’s biggest Street Stock event, the last remaining, regular, full-fendered division racing at OCFS. Full-Fendered-Nostalgia Night/Marky Traverse Street Stock Memorial will now host the second of three Enduro races in the 2021 season.

The first race of the “Enduro Season” goes down on the Spring Smashtacular on June 19th, The second on Full-Fendered Nostalgia Night on August 7th and the third on Eve of Destruction on September 18th. Typically, Enduro races at OCFS have lined up starting positions simply by entry order, but now that there will be a sort of 3-Race series, top finishers (or survivors) will be rewarded with better starting spots in the subsequent races. A system is yet to be determined, regardless, THERE WILL BE 3 ENDURO RACES AT OCFS IN 2021, so get collecting them clunkers and get to wrenching.

Rules and entry forms for Enduro events are yet to be released, but when available will be in the “Rules and Forms” page of the OCFS website, under the “competitor info” tab on the main menu.