Colder days and nights are descending soon upon the northeast United States, which signals an end to local dirt track racing.  Through the miracle of the internet however, Live Streaming can now connect race fans to events happening all over the world, all year long.

The Orange County Fair Speedway’s 2020 season recently concluded with the 59th running of Eastern States Weekend, an event that was Livestreamed across 2 days of racing. The event was viewed by thousands, with some tuning in from the west coast, Europe and even The Middle East.  For a track that had only previously produced 2 livestreams of that scale, it was a massive undertaking. The result was nearly 300 Gigabytes or 16+ hours of raw footage.

Though ESW 2020 was an experience in it’s “Raw” form, 16 hours of watch time is nearly impossible to dedicate, not to mention what it would do to your internet bill (if you have data caps) to actually rewatch it all.  The livestream will remain a once in a lifetime experience for those who tuned in, but for anyone who missed it, or would like to review it, a condensed version is now available to watch on demand!

Chopping out down time between divisions, track prep, and long caution cleanups has resulted in a 10 and half hour version of the 2-Day ESW 2020.  Though 10 hours is still a decent chunk of time, we’ve also cut the event up into 10 chapters for easy viewing.

Ch. 1 – Sportsman Tine Trials

Ch. 2 358 SB Time Trials

Ch. 3 – Modified Time Trials

Ch. 4 – Heat Races (all divisions)

Ch. 5 – Modified Race For the Pole

Ch. 6 (Day 2) – Last Chance Qualifiers

Ch. 7 – Street Stock Feature & really Last Chance Qualifier

Ch. 8 – Sportsman Feature

Ch. 9 – 358 SB Feature

Ch. 10 – ESW 200

So if you’re only interested in certain parts of the livestream you can now jump ahead easier. To skip to the next chapter, fast forward to the end of the current chapter. When it ends it will start playing the next.

Now that we are entering the off season, get some friends together and have a viewing party for ESW 2020! Show your support for the drivers and sponsors of Eastern States Weekend!